Cheers to Febfast

Cheers to Febfast

Here's to you! February may be over, but the incredible impact of your participation in FebFast continues to resonate. As official supporters of this worthy cause, we at Naked Life Spirits want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who journeyed down the path of sobriety (or cutting back) throughout the month.

Whether you completely abstained from alcohol or mindfully reduced your intake, your commitment has made a real difference. Together, we've raised valuable funds through your donations, fundraising and 5% of our online sales for YSAS, a vital organisation that supports thousands of young Australians struggling with alcohol and drug dependence.

YSAS's dedication to providing safe housing, education, employment assistance, and mental health support is truly inspiring. By choosing to participate in FebFast, you've directly contributed to their life-changing efforts.

Here's to celebrating:

  • Overcoming challenges: FebFast is no easy feat, and your perseverance is something to be proud of.
  • Promoting awareness: You've helped raise valuable awareness about the impact of alcohol use on young people.
  • Making a difference: Your contribution has a direct impact on the lives of young people in need.

Congratulations for all of those involved, we can't wait for next year.

Thank you once again for joining forces with us in support of this meaningful cause. Together, we can continue to empower young people and build a brighter future.

Cheers to having choices and being a part of the party!