Congrats, you made it!

Feb Fast is done & dusted, well done you! Whether you decided to quit sugar, alcohol or tried to do with a little less: I’m sure it has been quite the journey as it was for us!  

We’ve spoken with Nat from Mindful Mocktail, who is a foodie at heart and has transferred that passion into flavour pairing to creating delicious drinks. She gave us some great insights in what you may experience after 4 weeks without:✨ Liver health improves: liver fat will be reduced by up to 15%. With the liver playing a part in over 500 vital processes, you give your body a better chance of removing contaminants, converting food nutrients, storing minerals & vitamins, helping to fight infections & maintaining hormone balance.

✨ Glucose stabilises & cholesterol drops by up to 5%: with your ability to better absorb nutrients and filter out the nasties, your glucose levels will stabilise. It also has the potential to drop your cholesterol by up to 5%.

✨ Reduced anxiety: alcohol is a depressant. It changes levels of serotonin & other neurotransmitters in the brain, which can worsen anxiety.

✨ Reduced risk of cancer: every alcoholic drink increases your risk of cancer. To share a scary statistic, alcohol is estimated to have caused 740,000 cancer cases globally in 2020 alone. Although it’s hard to say whether there are immediate reductions in cancer risk with a month off, it’s fair to say that by not drinking you are doing your body a favour.

✨ Likely to be more mindful of alcohol consumption moving forward: stats show that a 1 month break can have a positive effect on the amount someone drinks for 6 months following the break.

We’re the first ones to admit to enjoy a drink from time to time. And whether you are going through a fully sober journey, or looking for a non-alcoholic alternative from time to time: you do you!