Find your Match for Valentines Day

Find your Match for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is not for everyone, but luckily our range of non-alcoholic cocktails are. So whether you are a full-on romanticus or you couldn’t care less about roses and hearts: you have a great excuse to treat yourself (and if you can be bothered, your partner too) on a special drink.

To make the most out of the moment, we’ve made a few matches for you:

Strawberries &  the Naked Life Wimbledon Spritz: a match made in heaven

• Fill a tumbler glass with ice cubes

• Serve the Naked Life Wimbledon Spritz over ice with fresh fruit like strawberries and orange, mint and slices of cucumber

A marriage of Scottish Sour and Orange

• Put a large ice cube in an old-fashioned glass

• Pour in the Naked Life Scottish Sour

• Garnish with a half moon of orange or orange peel

For more serving inspiration, check out our Perfect Serves page.

Valentine’s day is not the only special day in February, in fact we think the whole of Feb is pretty awesome thanks to FebFast. They challenging Aussies to pause for a cause by giving up alcohol, sugar or another vice of your choice for the month and help support disadvantaged youth in Australia. 

We’ve partnered up with them to help raise funds and created a limited edition FebFast packs of non-alcoholic cocktails that are sugar-free. From each pack sold, $2 will be donated to the foundation.

Keen to support? In the name of love, here is a 15% discount on the packs. Use the code: FEBFASTDISCOUNT15