Have you noticed these effects of not drinking?

Have you noticed these effects of not drinking?

We've all heard that alcohol isn’t good for you. But if you’re abstaining or moderating for a while, you might get to experience some benefits that you hadn’t thought of yet.

We're sharing here a few insights that you might start experiencing when you stop drinking for a few weeks:

1. Fat loss:

As nutritionist Dani Guy shared with us, drinking alcohol has an effect on fat loss. Fact: alcohol goes straight into your bloodstream, but can’t be stored. Therefore, when we drink our body will burn the alcohol first and it can take hours before we start using our carb and fat reserves. So when you eat those, it will be directly stored directly into adipose tissue which can take a while to be burnt.

A few other ones are:

2. Better sleep:

Better sleep: funnily enough drinking alcohol might make you feel sleepy, however it is actually conducive for your night sleep. It can interrupt REM stage of your sleep, plus you may have to run a few extra times to the bathroom during the night.

3. Your skin may look better:

As alcohol is dehydrating your body, it can have an visible effect on your skin as well.

We would love to hear your stories about what you’re noticing being sober; the good and the bad.

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