How to stay motivated for the second half of Febfast?

How to stay motivated for the second half of Febfast?

Who among us has vowed that this month, we were going to give up on social media, sugar or alcohol? And then... Valentine’s happened. Or that party.

Once the initial glow of that new, healthy lifestyle has diminished and reality kicks in, we easily get side-tracked by thoughts like ‘well I’ll do it tomorrow’. We’ve all been there, and there is absolutely no shame in it.

We spoke to Irene Falcone, the founder of Australia’s number one non-alcoholic superstore Sansdrinks, who knows a thing or two about going alcohol-free. She had a few good tips to stick to your resolutions when you’re trying to moderate or participate in Febfast.

“Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that Febfast means a month of staying home and being anti-social, but there are lots of ways to stay social without alcohol. In fact, you may discover that alcohol isn’t as important as you thought it was. The growing movement of non-alcoholic drinks has proved that when it comes to socialising, it doesn’t really matter whether the drink in your hand contains alcohol.”

Irene’s tips:

• Stay social – there are lots of ways to socialise without alcohol – meet a friend for a walk or a café breakfast

• Experiment with non-alcoholic drinks – with so many options there is something for every drink preference

• Focus on the health benefits – you will be sleeping better and have more energy


In case you need any further motivation, we’re giving away a special Naked Life branded coolerbag full with our non-alcoholic cocktails. Share a picture on social how you are redefining your moments tagging us at @nakedlifespirits and #redefineyourmoments and we will gift our cooler bag. Competition runs to end of the month.