Meet Mel - Our head of NPD

Meet Mel - Our head of NPD

To celebrate International Womens Day we wanted to highlight one of our OG team members, Mel. We sat down with Mel so we can share a little of her wisdom, achievements and all round awesomeness.

Q: Mel, you've been with Naked Life Spirits since the start! What's it been like to see the company grow?

A: I'm proud to see how far we have come and what we have achieved. From a start-up to a $20million business. It's been a rollercoaster, and lots of learnings along the way, both good and bad. But it has shown that with a good team and a strong mission, anything is possible.

Q: What does "supporting women in business" mean to you in your role?

A: Being able to be a mum and be proud of it in both my work life and home life. Being supported when I need to flex up at home, or up at work. My kids love what I do, and they get excited about it. I couldn't do what I do without the support of my team, or my family at home. It sure does take a village as they say.....

Q: What's your favourite part of developing new fun drinks for Naked Life Spirits community to enjoy?

A: Getting good feedback from our consumers, when you get a product in the hands of people they are always blown away by the taste. We see this at a lot of our expos, events, online reviews and on social media. It's great reassurance that we are doing the right things.

Q: What's your favourite non-alcoholic cocktail for a powerful woman?

A: Passion Martini in our newest baby in the range, and by far my go to at the moment - perfect balance of sweetness, fruity & hints of vanilla. My team worked really hard to perfect these flavours.