Our first NAKED AFTER WORK drinks was a hit yesterday!

The event was the official kick-off to a series of activities aimed at highlighting Naked Life's ambition to further drive a more inclusive, positive drinking culture in and around workplace celebrations. 

Hosted by our big supporters and the absolute legends at Sand Hill Road's iconic Garden State Hotel, we wanted to deliver an authentic cocktail experience in a sensational environment. Leaning on their talented bar team, we developed two beautifully crafted non-alcoholic cocktails that delivered unparalleled authenticity in flavour combinations which were such a hit that they're now listed on the Garden State Hotel bar menu as a non-alcoholic must-try. 

The passionate and highly knowledgable, Amy Armstrong, from Dry But Wet shared her views on the emerging LO/NO industry, fresh off her trip to London judging the International Wine & Spirits Competition. 

A big thanks to everyone who attended and made this event a success and the start of something great. We can't wait to share further details on more NAKED AFTER WORK events in the near future!