Staying strong with New Year resolutions

Staying strong with New Year resolutions

Week 1 of 2022 is down, so time to check in on how you are tracking on your resolutions.

The first few days are usually the toughest. You need to break through some habits, and although Christmas and NYE have officially passed, you might still have the occasional celebration scheduled with friends or the next birthday party is creeping up already.

Right when you are so well on track with your resolutions. But no fear, we at Naked Life have a few tips for you here to make it a little easier! If you’re looking to redefine your 2022 celebrations, how about trying one of these:

Consider hosting your event during the day.

Your guests will be more fresh, active and alert. In addition, some entertainment like charades or other games never get old and get the conversations flowing.

Better for you doesn’t need to be boring!

Your non-alcoholic and/or sugar-free drinks, or low calorie snacks can be fun! Presentation is the magic word here. Think beautiful glassware, fun icecube shapes or decorations.

For drinks, use great glassware.

Think copa glasses, tumblers and wine glasses for a festive feel. In contrast to a can or bottle, drinks that are served in a glass allow for a greater olfactory sensation of the drink as your nose has better access to the aroma’s of the drink.

Ice ice baby!

Especially large ice cubes in different shapes: blocks or round ones. You can buy moulds at several department or kitchen specialty stores. The ice will melt less fast, and thus prevents watering down your drink.

Go big on garnish.

Whether serving (non-alcoholic) cocktails or soda’s or a platter, have some fresh fruit cut up. Wedges of lime, half moon of orange, strawberries or even orange can give a refreshing touch and make it look great!

Provide options.

Although a soda or lemon lime bitters can taste great, it is not always hitting the mark on a special occasion. There are today plenty of great non-alcoholic alternatives out there, that give the unmistakable taste of a drink you love but without the alcohol. Naked Life offers Australia’s largest range of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails and mixed drinks, there is something for everyone in the esky!

You are doing a stellar job, keep up the good work! To stay motivated, it helps to stick together.

Have a friend who is also trying to redefine their 2022?

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Keep up the good work!