Wimbledon Champion Recipe

Wimbledon Champion Recipe

To celebrate to Wimbledon Championship in July we are cracking open our award winning Wimbledon Spritz. 

Naked Life Spirits Wimbledon Spritz ready-to-drink non alcoholic cocktail, is our championship take on the classic Pimm's Cup - minus the alcohol. It is a perfect serve straight out of the can.

But let's take it to the next level and serve up a recipe worthy of Centre Court! 


1 can Naked Life Spirits Wimbledon Spritz

30 ml orange juice

2 sliced strawberries

5 cucumber slices

1 can Naked Life Wimbledon Spritz

Sprig of mint to garnish


  1. Fill your glass with ice, scattering the cucumber and strawberries throughout.

  2. Add the Wimbledon Spritz and orange juice.

  3. Stir gently and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

Turn on the tennis and enjoy!