Naked Afterwork

Creating Positive Workplace & Afterwork Social Habits

It's our goal to redefine workplace drinks in a positive manner.

Historically in Australia, celebration and connecting has gone hand in hand with alcohol. This is changing, with Australia at the lowest level of drinking in history, however there is still opportunity to accelerate this positive shift.

"Play hard" generally means getting smashed - and this needs to take on a very different connotation.   

Naked Afterwork is about creating the awareness and change by providing an easy way to help implement non-alcoholic options for work place events and environments.

Naked AfterWork is a campaign to reach over 2000 businesses and 200,000 employees in year one, giving them the opportunity to redefined their workplace drinking experience.


Register your business to receive complimentary Naked Life Cocktail pack for the workplace and a chance to win a workplace mixology session for your team.