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We are passionate about moments in life that deserve celebration. Whether they are big or small, such as you are celebrating milestones with friends, catching up with family or simply winding down after a big day; it calls for celebration. 

These moments deserve something special and historically have called on an alcoholic beverage. However, for those that aren’t drinking or are reducing, options have been limited. And that, we believe, is not ok.

We believe it’s possible to champion the good things in life without compromising on what’s important. By artfully distilling botanicals with quality ingredients and balancing art with science, we create beautifully crafted spirits that provide all the things you need to celebrate the moment, but without the alcohol.  


Our botanicals are crafted using the age-old process of distillation. Harnessing the power of steam, they're gently heated until the aromatic vapours are captured in an intensely fragrant liquid. Unique in flavour, unmistakable in taste.

By using these premium ingredients and delicate processes, we are able to transform our natural extracts and unique flavours into classic cocktails and mixed drinks that deliver the unmistakable taste of the drink you love. Not only without the alcohol, but without the sugar or high calories.

the naked history
How it all began

The journey to a Naked Life has been years in the making and began on the kitchen counter of our founder David. What started as an experiment to reduce sugar in his own diet, is today a relentless mission to accelerate a healthier Australia with a refreshing range of sugar free sodas, iced teas, tonics and now includes a large range of non-alcoholic drinks.

Thanks to his Samoan roots, sharing moments is part of Dave’s DNA. Enabling everybody to partake in these moments without compromise on taste or health, has been a driving force for him whilst crafting the Naked Life drinks.

So if you want to mark the moment and have a great next day, we say go for it! We say Live Naked!

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